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Legal Notices and Disclaimers

TERMS OF USE: By viewing the Charles Whitfield Charity, Inc.’s (Charity) website (Site), you enter into contract with the Charity, and agree to the following:

  1. You agree to become liable for damages if you intentionally misrepresent the contents of the Site in a defamatory manner subsequent viewing the Site.

  2. You agree that the Charity is not liable for any personal actions or claimed consequences from reading any of the content on the Site

  3. You agree that neither the Charity nor any of its directors, employees, officers, agents, volunteers, or any other persons affiliated or connected with the Charity in any way have misrepresented their capacity, credentials, professional standing or recognition, accreditation, or licensing.

  4. No statement on our Site may be construed as medical or psychological advice unless it was written by an officer, director, employee, volunteer, or any other category of person licensed to give such advice, and only when it is explicitly intended to be received as such.

NONPROFIT DISCLOSURE: The Charity is a 501c3 corporation, and such its taxes are a matter of public record. In addition to this, the Charity will periodically make available statements regarding it’s income, assets, expenditures and projects.

DONATION AND TRANSACTION POLICIES: All gifts and donations are non-refundable. Any transaction with the Charity for the procurement of goods or services of any kind may be refundable in the event of non-delivery or non-performance within a defined time period. Different lengths of time may apply to different types of transactions for a given transaction to be refundable.

ACCESSIBILITY POLICY The Charity is committed to making its web content available to all users. If there is an accessibility issue, please report to

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: All original written works of the Charity are automatically presumed to be the property of the Charity and are ipso facto protected by copyright upon publication, according to the Berne Convention. Therefore, all false claims of creation, ownership, or custodianship over any original content published on this website are against established and governing law, making all such claims null and void ab initio.

DISCLAIMER: This website is not intended to replace the counsel of a licensed therapist in sorting out and healing from any mental or emotional problem or disorder. Each person's case is unique and deserves individual attention. The references listed on this website may assist the reader with the further exploration and explanation of important information. The contents of the Charity's Site are not the final word on the subject of trauma and may represent only the tip of the iceberg of its many dimensions.

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