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What We Do

The fundamental purpose of the Charles Whitfield Charity's is to promote awareness of the groundbreaking work of Dr. Charles Whitfield, author of Healing the Child Within, and widely recognized pioneer in the field of trauma therapy.

Preserving Dr. Whitfield's Legacy

We gather and preserve everything we can of Charles’s work and that of his widow Barbara with whom he worked closely. We are in possession of his personal library, and plan on finding a location to open his library.

Promiting Awareness

We will use every possible avenue to awareness of Charles’s work including but not limited to: publishing his unpublished or out-of-print works, creating original content based on his works, holding conferences for therapists and laypeople alike to learn about his work, and through any other conceivable means to ensure that the largest possible audience finds his material.


We are developing a certification program whereby professionals may be endorsed by the Charity as qualified to use Charles Whitfield’s methodology for helping their patients. To be sure, no therapist is prevented from using his work by virtue of certification or non-certification by the Charity; we encourage everyone to do so. The purpose of certification is simply as a means for the Charity to extend official recognition towards those therapists who apply for it and achieve it.

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